Class Descriptions

Hot Cardio Pilates

This Pilates based class takes it to the next level challenging and
focusing on each muscle group for a total body burnout.  This energetic
class is paired with upbeat music to keep you motivated and moving the
entire 50 minutes. We focus on strengthening and lengthening the body using
your body weight, resistance bands and light hand weights. Combining
Pilates and heat you are sure to feel the burn.

Total Body Burn

Combining cardio and strength work to complete your full body workout. This
class is paired with upbeat music to keep you energized throughout the 50
minute class. It tends to move fast with very little downtime so you are
sure to burn major calories as well as challenge your muscles. Light hand
weights, resistance bands and TRX are just some of the tools you may use in
this class.

Hot Cardio Barre

A barre-less barre class- low impact but high intensity calorie and fat
burning class will dynamically have you moving in all ranges of motion in
order to burnout each muscle group. This high energy class is designed to
spike your heart rate  by using dance inspired positions and your own body
weight. This class is bound to sculpt your body from the inside out.

Pilates X TRX

Our TRX classes are a blend of Pilates based movements and classic TRX
Exercises to get your body in tip top shape. The majority of the class you
will be on the suspension trainers using your body weight to challenge your
muscles. TRX is scientifically proven to improve total body strength,
stability, and even cardio health. The combination of Pilates Suspension
Method and TRX training makes this a perfect strength training 50 min