Class Descriptions

Tone & Burn

This class is designed to tone muscles and burn fat. Because the studio is warmed, you will start burning fat as soon as your break a sweat, which won't take long. Each muscle group will receive special attention. This energetic class is paired with up-beat music to keep you motivated. Not to mention health and flexibility of the spice to train your muscles to work together; which will lead to good posture and strength throughout your body.


TRX is specialized form of suspension training that utilizes equipment developed by former U.S. Navy SEAL, Randy Hetrick. Each TRX class is designed to work all muscle groups. Add our heated studio to the mix and you have a killer workout.

Core Flow

The Ultimate flow of yoga poses to strengthen your core and challenge your muscles. This class is sure to have you drenched in sweat as the instructor leads you through the perfect balance of fitness yoga and meditation in our heated studio.

Blast & Burn

This low impact but high intensity calorie and fat burning class will dynamically have your body move in all ranges of motion as well as isometrically contract in order to burnout each muscle group. Designed to spike your heart rate and increase energy by using dance inspired positions and your own body weight this class is bound to sculpt your body from the inside out!

Hip-Hop Sculpt

Push your body to the limits in this ultimate arms abs and booty sculpt class. Targeting all the areas that you want to sculpt is exactly what you need to look and feel your ultimate best. The combination of fatiguing your muscles and this fun Hip-Hop playlist will keep you energized and motivated.